Karl Eckert

Be a part of my life and dive into my perspectives by traveling the world!

Karl Eckert

About me

I’m usually pretty opened up to sharing any thoughts or feelings. I actually share a big part of my life on social media, but I never wanted to let go of anything which doesn’t help me creating more content. Family is all that we got from day one and this is what will stay until your last day on earth.

I want to leave this planet with the feeling, that I and my work had a huge impact on a positive way. Thank you to everyone who supports me. I couldn’t live my life like this without you.

  • Let me tell you something about Karl: Before we actually meet the first time, we had only talked a little bit to each other. Shall I tell you something? When I finally meet Karl at one of the YouthPreneurs events I got along well with him, like I would have known him for years. It’s his aura and his good vibes, what inspires and captivates me at the same time. This is why Karl Eckert got the person, he is today.
    Rohin Patidja
  • Wow, when I first meet Karl Eckert, I was totally hooked by his talent! I owe a lot of things to Karl, because his talents keeps in every project so perfectly. For me, Karl Eckert is definitely one of the best Teen Filmmaker in Germany. Karl ist young, creative and he just got huge potentiell.
    David Walter
  • Ambitious, focused and determined! Karl is a man of action and he attracts people with his kindly way of interacting. That is why everyone, who gets the opportunity to work with Karl, should take the chance. In the future we can expect amazing things and one thing’s sure: He won’t disappoint us!
    Meikel Araya