It’s all about … creating a vision

It’s all about … presenting yourself
28. March 2017

It’s all about … creating a vision.


I’m always in trouble, when it comes to meeting new people. If they do not know me and they are asking for what I am doing I actually don’t know what to say. So this is what this entry is for

I am a Filmmaker.

When I was only 6 years old I got in contact with filmmaking for the first time. Getting more and more aware that filmmaking is not just a hobby, I started learning and learning more about it, when I got older. I never had the chance to pay some really expensive coachings or workshops, so I had to get all the knowledge independently and from YouTube. „Today everybody get’s the opportunity to become a pro, by not even paying one euro“ – That’s what I’m always saying. At only an age of 14 years I started making Videos as a freelancer in a small company, which today is producing videos for many companies. In Summer 2016 I started my YouTube-Channel (Karl Eckert) where I am documenting my journeys around the globe, with impressions directly through my eyes. At the thought of my mentor Jay Alvarez: „I want to show my perspectives to the whole world, so they get the chance to be a part of it.“. Be a part of my life and dive into my perspectives by traveling the world on YouTube.

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