It’s all about … Music

It’s all about … presenting yourself
28. March 2017

It’s all about … Music.

I’m always in trouble, when it comes to meeting new people. If they do not know me and they are asking for what I am doing I actually don’t know what to say. So this is what this entry is for:

I am a Musician

With an age of 8 years I started playing the drums at a music school, which gave me the opportunity to get aware of my passion for music. It just took me half a year to get my first solo gig in a small theatre in my hometown Stralsund. As a really young musician I got a lot of attention from the audience, so they started getting me some more gigs. When I was 11 years old my brother started playing in a band and they were looking for a drummer, so I got involved and started learning how to play together with other musicians. This band called „Serenade“ brought many stage-experiences to me and I started loving the life of a musician. He also got interested in other instruments and started learning playing the guitar and the piano. In the next couple of years I played in a several different bands with many different kinds of music. At the moment I am playing the drums in a band called F.K.K. (Freies Künstler Kollektiv) which starts getting more and more gigs in front of a couple of hundred people. In 2016 I got a personal vocal coach to train my musical talent in any ways.

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