It’s all about … presenting yourself

It’s all about … Music
28. March 2017
It’s all about … creating a vision
28. March 2017

It’s all about … presenting yourself.

I’m always in trouble, when it comes to meeting new people. If they do not know me and they are asking for what I am doing I actually don’t know what to say. So for everybody who wants to meet me: YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY READ THIS ENTRY 😉

I am a MODEL.

Even when I was a child I couldn’t resist on being included in a movie or a photo, so I always wanted to be present in everything. With an age of 15 years I started uploading photos on instagram and travel videos on YouTube. A lot of young girls and boys payed attention to my daily uploads. A couple of month after starting with instagram a label called „Selfmode-Styles“ got interested in this young guy getting more and more reach on the internet. I started being included in some photo shootings and film projects, as a model and actor. Right now I am working with a lot of different companies to promote their stuff. This life of traveling and hanging around with online influencers brought a lot of attention to my Social Media and thats what I’m super thankful for.

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